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What's the new Web Content about?

Connectif allows you to create and display different types of content in your site. Until now, you could use modals and banners to display subscription forms or recommended products, among other options.

With the release of the new Web Content system, you can impact your contacts with 5 types of content:

  • Web Content "Popup".
  • Web Content "Full Screen".
  • Web Content "Slide In".
  • Web Content "Floating Bar".
  • Web Content "Inline".


Why should I change my modals and banners to Web Content?

There are lots of good reasons to transform your old contents into Web Content as soon as possible. These are some of the most important:

  • Updates: every upgrade over Connectif's new contents will be design for the Web Content system. The previous modals and banners will still work but won't get any improvements in the future.

  • New editor: the new Web Content editor features new options to create content that doesn't need HTML or CSS code. It also includes multiple upgrades. Some of the most important are:

    • More variety in the content's animations.

    • New template system. You can now create templates in a more flexible way and re-use them in any content. Also, there's a new way to manage your templates for contents and tags.

  • Upgrades in the use of contents on workflows: the new and improved nodes offer more data and functionalities to customize the way your contents are shown. Also, the nodes can be edited even when the workflow is active. No more deactivating and duplicating in order to do a few changes.

  • Simplified CSS settings: the new Web Contents inherit your site's font style. That means, you don't need to edit CSS code to make the Web Content and your site's style match up. 

  • New forms: they are easier and simpler to use. We also offer the possibility of creating a form outside of Connectif and using it as Web Content. Our system will detect them automatically, so you can use them in your workflows.

  • Site performance: the new Web Contents will work better and faster than banners and modals. That will improve Connectif's performance in your site and will benefit your contact's user experience.
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