Where to visualize data in Connectif

In Connectif, you can view and analyze detailed statistics of your campaigns and activities through various tools. These statistics allow you to better understand the performance of your marketing actions and optimize your strategies for better results.


How to view statistics and data in Connectif?

Connectif offers several tools to visualize and analyze your data:

1. Welcome Dashboard

The Welcome Dashboard in Connectif provides an overview of your campaigns' performance, showing key metrics in one place. This screen includes a summary of the most relevant statistics for a Store, such as sales attributable to workflows, the highest-performing workflows, or the evolution of the contents used.


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2. Analytics Dashboards

Analytics Dashboards offers a summary of the most relevant statistics for your Store in the form of predefined panels, to which you can apply filters to easily obtain a detailed view that will help you optimize your marketing strategies.


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3. Data Explorer

Data Explorer allows you to use all the data collected by Connectif to create custom reports, with which you can analyze your sales, measure your campaigns' results, and easily and powerfully search for trends.


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4. Workflows

Workflows in Connectif not only allow you to automate your campaigns but also offer detailed statistics on each workflow's performance, such as open rates, clicks, and conversions.

Within the Workflows area, in the workflow list, locate the workflow you want to review and click on More   and Live view.


The option to view statistics only appears in workflows that are active or completed.


Once selected, you can view individual statistics by nodes, as well as "Purchase statistics" of the workflow.

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5. Contents

In the Contents area, you can review the statistics of the different contents in use to evaluate their effectiveness and optimize your content strategies.

For example, in the Web Content area, you can view the statistics of any of your content by clicking on More   and Statistics.

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Once in that panel, you can find the most relevant statistics of your content and navigate through the different tabs to delve into them.

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6. Ecommerce (Purchase Attributions)

In the Ecommerce area, specifically in Purchases, you can see in depth the relationship between a workflow and/or content as a possible source of a purchase. This estimated value allows you to measure or compare the performance of your strategies created in Connectif to improve the conversion rate in sales.


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