Push Notification Editor

Connectif's push notification editor is where we'll design those notifications before we send them to our contacts via workflow.

We can access the editor through "Contents > Push notifications":



Then, we click the "CREATE NEW PUSH NOTIFICATION" button:


Once inside the editor, we can appreciate two areas. We have the space at the center, where we'll see the design of the notification, and the space at the right, where we have the options and tools to create.

We'll now describe all the options available.


Here, you'll find all the general options for your push.



1. Content name: change the name of your push.

2. Specify a vibrate pattern: you can create a vibration pattern for the push.

3. Requires contact interaction: check this box if you want the contact to interact with their device to stop the vibration.

4. Is silent notification: check this box if you want the push to be completely silent.



You can add the content that will appear in the push through this section. Every type of content can have a dynamic variable.



1. Push notification title: it reflects the name of the push that appears on top of the message.

2. Push notification message: it reflects the main text of the push. The default text is "lorem ipsum...". 

3. Add URL to redirect when action is clicked: redirects to the chosen page. Must be an absolute link. If the box "close on click" is checked, the push will close when the contact clicks on it.

4. Image URLs: there are three types of images that can be added to this section from your own device: 

  • Icon URL: is the image that appears on the upper left corner, icon-style.
  • Image URL: the most prominent image. It occupies the bottom half of the notification. 
  • Badge URL: it's the image that will appear in the notification inbox of the device that receives the push.

Compact version

It's the type of notification that appears in one of the corners of the screen. The two available options let you add variables.



  1. Compact message: it's the main text that will appear in the compact notification.
  2. Compact icon: it's the image that will appear in the left upper corner, icon-style.


It's mainly used to add new messages with links to the notification. Not all browsers support the same number of actions. Because of that, it's recommended to test it a few times before sending any notification.



  1. Action title: the text that names the action.
  2. Add URL to redirect when action is clicked: it's the link that's tied in with the title. It's possible to check the option to close the notification once the link has been clicked.
  3. Action Icon: an image in the form of a small icon that accompanies the action.
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