Coupon to recover cart on page abandonment

In this article we show you how to create a workflow that displays a popup with a discount coupon when your contacts try to leave the purchase process.


This workflow is part of our templates and you can add it in your account by clicking Create new workflow. If you want to understand its configuration in order or recreate it from scratch, here are the detailed steps to do so:

  • Objetivo: Conversion.
  • Level: Intermediate.
  • Channel: Popup.



  • Nodes: On page visit, Fetch last cart, Check value, Assign coupon, Send web content, On opening of web content.
  • Final appearance:




How to create the workflow

"Start" node

  1. Click on the Start node.
  2. Under Select data source, choose All existing and new
  3. Click Update.




“On page visit” node

  1. Click on the On page visit node.
  2. In Configure the included pages, choose Any of the following pages exactly and add the URL of your checkout page.
  3. Uncheck the Deactivate after triggering limitation.
  4. Click Update.




“Fetch last cart” node

You do not need to edit this node.


“Check value” node

You do not need to edit this node.


“Assign coupon” node

  1. Click on the Assign coupon node.
  2. Select a set of previously created coupons.
  3. Click Next.
  4. If you selected a limited coupon set, you will now need to choose what happens if that set runs out. You can select Use another set to choose an unlimited set that will act as a safety mechanism (to make sure you don't show a popup without a coupon to your contacts).
    You can also choose Don’t use another set, but then you must make sure that you limit the appearance of the popup so that it is displayed, at most, as many times as the number of coupons in the chosen coupon set. We recommend an unlimited coupon set in this type of campaign to ensure that your contacts always receive a coupon. You can learn more about coupons here.
  5. Click Complete




“Send web content: popup” node

  1. Click on the Send popup web content node.
  2. Edit the popup to adapt the texts as you wish. You can learn more about this type of web content here.
  3. Click Update.


“On opening of web content” node

It is configured by default so that the discount popup is not shown more than once every 30 days. Unless you want to edit this limitation, the node does not require any configuration on your part. 


Once the workflow is activated, every time a contact tries to leave the checkout page they will be shown a popup with a discount to encourage them to complete the purchase.

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