Monthly recovery of abandoned carts

Many customers add products to their shopping cart on a website and leave the page without buying anything. Implementing a monthly abandoned cart strategy in your account will allow you to recover some of the previous month’s unprocessed purchases and increase your revenues.

In this article you’ll learn how to create a monthly cart recovery strategy.


Objective: Conversion.
Difficulty: Low.
When to use it: Anytime.


This strategy is part of our pool of templates. To implement it in your account, access your Connectif account and go to “Workflows Create new workflow”. In the Create from template section, enter the name of the workflow (Monthly abandoned cart recovery) in the search engine, then click Select and Create.


How it works

To send the monthly abandoned cart email, we will set up a workflow that, once a month, checks the last abandoned cart of the previous month and sends the contact an email with those products, encouraging them to move forward with their purchase.

Recuperación mensual de carritos abandonados-min.png


Workflow configuration


Before configuring your workflow, create the following elements:
— The dynamic plus segment of High RFM shoppers, to group the contacts to whom you want to send the email.
— An email, to send the abandoned cart.

STEP 1. “Start” node

(This node will set the target audience for the action).

1. Click (Edit node settings) for the “Start” node.

2. Under Select limitation, check "All my list" and select "Contacts with email".

3. Under Select data source, check “All existing and new”.

4. Click Update.

Recuperación mensual de carritos abandonados inicio-min.png


STEP 2. “Schedule” node

(This node will re-enter contacts into the workflow on the 1st of each month).

5. Click (Edit node settings) for the “Schedule” node.

6. Select how frequently you want it to repeat, in this case "Monthly". Then select "Every month" and the day of the week, for this example, "Day 1".

7. Under At this time of day, select the time and time zone, in this case "10:00" and "Europe/Madrid".

8. Click Update.

Recuperación mensual de carritos abandonados planificar-min.png


STEP 3. "Is in segment" node

(This node will check if the contact belongs to the dynamic plus segment "Purchase abandoners").

9. Click (Edit node settings) for the “Is in segment” node.

10. Under Select a segment, choose the segment to check.

11. Click Update.

Recuperación mensual de carritos abandonados pertenece a segmento-min.png


STEP 4. “Fetch last cart” node

(This node will fetch the contact's last abandoned cart).

12. At the junction of this node with the previous one, click on the circle until "Yes" appears.

13. Click (Edit node settings) in the “Fetch last cart” node.

14. In Select cart status, choose the “Abandoned” option from the dropdown.

15. Click Update.

Recuperación mensual de carritos abandonados obtener último carrito-min.png


STEP 5. “Send email” node

(This node will send the email with the products in the abandoned cart).

16. Click (Edit node settings) in the “Send email” node.

17. Select the email you want to send and click Next .

18. In the Send to section, select "Contact".

19. Indicate the "Transactional" type of email.

20. Configure the parameters section of "Send to contact".

21. Under Google Analytics, click "Enable Google Analytics" then Next .

22. Click Complete .

Recuperación mensual de carritos abandonados enviar email-min.png




Your workflow for submitting a monthly cart recovery email is now ready.


Do you have questions?
Don’t forget, our Connectif specialists are here to help you. To contact them, open a Support ticket by clicking the blue “Help” button on your dashboard.


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