Advanced abandoned carts pack

Nearly 80% of eCommerce carts end up being abandoned. Together with the fact that it always costs more to acquire new contacts and turn them into customers than it does to convert those who have already abandoned a cart, it’s clear that this should be a key consideration in any eCommerce strategy.

In this Advanced abandoned cart pack, you’ll find actions focused on cart recovery, targeting customers who are close to making a purchase.

Where to find the workflows

You can use any of the workflows by logging into your Connectif account and, in the "Workflows" section, clicking on "Create new workflow" and selecting any of the workflows that appear. 

The workflows of the Advanced abandoned cart pack can be found easily by selecting "Pack" and "Advanced abandoned carts" in the filter.

  • Abandoned cart recovery funnel

Boost effectiveness by recovering abandoned carts with a sequence of trigger emails.



For full details about the workflow, click here.

  • Funnel de recuperación del carrito según el precio

Increase your efficiency by focusing on recovering higher-value abandoned carts and creating email sequences according to the amount.



For full details about the workflow, click here.

  • Monthly recovery of abandoned carts

On the first of each month, recover the abandoned carts from the previous month.



For full details of the workflow click here.

  • Cart recovery and newsletter subscription

Recover abandoned carts and capture subscribers with a popup that says: Do you want us to email you the products in your shopping cart?



For full details of the workflow, click here.


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