Subscription to web push notifications feature

The feature "connectif.subscribeToPushNotifications" is used to request subscriptions to web push notifications from the store or web via JavaScript. This feature can be used within Connectif web content to request a Push subscription.


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How to use it

The "connectif.subscribeToPushNotifications" feature makes a request for permission, if the contact has not previously granted it, to subscribe to Web Push notifications.

It works asynchronously, so you can pass a "callback", function, which will execute the object of type "Subscription" as a result of the subscription.



Once the feature is included, it will look like this:

connectif.subscribeToPushNotifications(function (error, subscription){
        return console.error(error);
        console.log('The contact has been subscribed successfully');
        console.log('The contact has not been subscribed');

A "Subscription" type object will have the following structure:

    endpoint : '',
    expirationTime : null,
    keys : {
        auth : "Lhjk-p4B8977fdeYMDAKi2A==",
        p256dh : "Hjkjyh79m-kjlH_bz5_bxD2Vk6Zx1ACsmiqHAtW6UrU="



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