Priority of workflows

The workflow priority interface displays, and allows you to modify, the order in which the active flows in your Connectif account are executed, to prioritize certain content over others. 


How to access it

You can access Workflow priority from Workflows, by clicking Establish priority.




The Workflow Priority interface is comprised of two blocks:

1. Save and return: to save the changes made to the priority and/or return to the Workflows interface.

2. Order of execution: to see the order in which active workflows are being executed and to modify it. 



How it works

When two workflows have nodes to send or display the same content under the same conditions, workflow priority allows you to determine the order in which they will be executed. 


The order of priority is descending, which means that the contact will be shown the content of the workflow that is lowest in the list. 

The workflows shown in the execution list (2) mark the order in which they will be activated, that is, the workflows will be executed from top to bottom, as marked in the list. This condition means that workflows that are executed later (lower in the list) could overwrite previous workflows.

As a result, the order of priority of workflows is from bottom to top (as opposed to execution), since the last strategies that are executed will do so above those already executed.


For example, if you have two workflows that show inline content with related products in the same place, one in first priority position and the other in third, the content of the third position will be executed, since it is higher up in the order of execution.

Also, every time a new workflow is activated, it is added to the end of the priority list and its contents will prevail over those of previously created workflows, unless the order of priority is edited. 

1. Set the priority of a workflow

In the execution order block (2), click on the workflow whose place you are going to change and drag it to the new position.


Repeat this operation whenever you want for any workflow whose priority you need to change.

Click Save to keep the changes and Return to workflow list to go back to the Workflows interface.




You’ve reached the end of the tutorial.


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