Guide to creating a custom integration

A custom integration with your Connectif account will send and receive data from the events generated in your ecommerce platform, allowing you to capture your customers’ digital footprint and launch personalized activities that you configure in workflows.

It’s designed for websites built from scratch or in a CMS whose module is not currently available, or if you want to receive data that isn’t sent by default in an existing Connectif module.


To create this type of integration, you’ll need an expert with programming knowledge.

How to create a custom integration

There are three ways to create a custom integration:

1. Tag integration

Using this method, you can create a series of HTML tags (12 in total) in a similar way to the Data Layer function in Google Tag Manager. Inserting them allows you to sync essential data from key aspects of your ecommerce platform: contacts, catalog, and sales.


This method is also compatible with a GTM integration (except in the case of the “Contact has visited a product”, which must be served by the back-end as described in the corresponding section of the documentation.

Get started with tag integration here.


2. JavaScript integration

An advanced alternative to tag integration. Allows you to program Connectif’s call methods to pass parameter information in code, with total control over the send times of information to Connectif.


This method is also compatible with an implementation via GTM but the “Contact has viewed a product” tag will still need to be served via the back-end following the instructions in this article.

Get started with JavaScript integration here.


3. API integration.

Method that allows you to complement the data sent to Connectif programmatically and can work with:

  • Contacts: Data synchronization with no need for the contact to navigate the website.

  • Sales: Asynchronous updates, especially useful when payments are redirected to an external website (TPV, PayPal, etc.).

  • Products: Optimized rendering to reduce the load of web requests on the client side.

Get started with API integration here.


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