Offer recommender

Help your undecided customers to choose discounted products on the website, using inline content to increase sales.

In this article, you’ll learn how to create an offer recommender banner. 


Objective: Retention.
Difficulty: Beginner.
When to use it: Any time you want to boost offers. 


This strategy is part of our pool of templates. To implement it in your account, access your Connectif account and go to “Workflows Create new workflow”. In the Create from template section, enter the name of the workflow in the search engine (Offer recommender) then click Select and Create.


How it works

To display the banner, we’re going to configure inline web content in the workflow. This will appear with the products on offer when the contact is browsing the website.



Workflow configuration


Before configuring your workflow, create the following elements:
— A product segment, to select products with an offer. — A piece of inline content, to show the products with an offer on the web.

STEP 1. "Start" node

(In this node, you’ll set the target audience for the action).

1. Click (Edit node settings) for the “Start” node.

2. Under Select limitation, check "All my list".

3. Under Select data source, check “All existing and new”.

4. Click Update.



STEP 2. “On page visit” node

(This node will detect contacts who visit any page with a category).

5. Click (Edit node settings) in the “On page visit” node.

6. Under Limitations, uncheck the "Deactivate after triggering" box.

7. Click Update.



If you’d like to learn more about node limitations, click here.


STEP 3. “Fetch products” node

(This node will fetch the best-selling products of the last three months).

8. Click (Edit node settings) in the “Fetch products” node.

9. To select use cases, drag “Filtered products” to the right-hand block and click Next  .

10. In Main use case settings, select "12" in the Number of products to fetch.

11. In Select the origin of products, choose "In a product segment" in the first selector and, in the second, the created segment. In this case, "Discounted products". Click Next .

12. In Summary, locate the section Number of products to fetch and indicate “12”. Then uncheck the box "Fill with products until selected limit".

13. Click Complete .



If you want to learn more about the “Fetch products” node, click here.


STEP 4. “Check value” node

(This node will identify if there is at least one product with a discount).

14. Click (Edit node settings) of the “Check value” node.

15. Drag the "List size" field from "Fetch products" to the block on the left.

16. Next, under Operator, choose "Is greater than".

17. Drag the “Literal” field to the block on the right and set a value of "0".

18. Click Update.



If you want to learn more about the "Check value" node, click here.


STEP 5. “Send web content: inline” node

(This node will send inline content with the products obtained in the previous node).

19. At the junction of this node with the previous one, click on the circle until "Yes" appears.

20. Click (Edit node settings) in the “Send web content” node.

21. Select the corresponding inline content and click Next.

22. In Configuration add the appropriate selector to display the content.

23. In the Variables step, link any variables there may be.

24. Click Complete .



To learn more about inline web content, click here.




Your workflow to establish an offer recommender banner is now ready.


Do you have questions?
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